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Ukraine’s president paid a visit to the White House. Hurricane forecasters are watching a storm near the East Coast. And are we headed for a government shutdown? The suspense – and likelihood – is real.
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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy worked to shore up U.S. support for Ukraine on a whirlwind visit to Washington on Thursday, delivering an upbeat message on the war’s progress while facing new questions about the flow of American dollars that has helped keep his troops in the fight against Russia. The Ukrainian leader received a far quieter reception than the hero’s welcome he got last year, but also won generally favorable comments on the aid he says he needs to stave off defeat. Zelenskyy also spoke with military leaders at the Pentagon and was meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House.
πŸ‘‰ More death, ruin, fury in Ukraine: Russian missiles pounded cities across Ukraine early Thursday morning, in the largest attack in more than a month. Here’s what we know.
Hurricane forecasters are keeping an eye on a system near the East Coast, while snowflakes are flying in other parts of the country. A warning was issued for portions of the East Coast on Thursday as a “potential tropical cyclone” started to develop in the Atlantic Ocean not far from the southeastern U.S. shoreline. According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm will bring “tropical-storm-force winds, storm surge, heavy rain and high surf to large portions of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic United States coast beginning Friday and continuing into the weekend.” As of Thursday, more than 5 million people faced tropical storm warnings from North Carolina to Maryland. πŸŒ€ Take a look at the forecast.
❄️ Forget fall. In some parts of the country, the weather this week is going straight to winter as nippy temperatures and a few snowflakes are in the forecast for the highest elevations of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Here’s the outlook.
With nine days left for the House to avoid a government shutdown, lawmakers remain engulfed in spending fights – and it doesn’t look like they’re going to come to an agreement any time soon.
At issue: A shutdown that could disrupt the lives of Americans and affect government operations nationwide. Adding to the complications: New pressure on the GOP from the party’s presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, who says he supports a shutdown. And at the center of it all: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. While McCarthy tries to satisfy conservative hardliners, Democrats and other moderate Republicans are putting pressure on the top leader as the Sept. 30 deadline looms. ⏰ Here’s the latest.
The Biden administration is granting temporary legal status to 472,000 Venezuelan migrants who are already in the U.S., a major step toward aiding asylum seekers as the number of migrants at the southern border is on the rise again. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas βˆ’ citing political instability in Venezuela βˆ’ extended the temporary protected status designation by 18 months for Venezuelan migrants who arrived in the U.S. this year prior to July 31. The move was applauded by Democrats who have pushed the White House to do more to help migrants seeking asylum and blasted by Republicans who want stricter immigration control. πŸ‘‰ A look at the big picture.
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