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WWE & Hulu May Have Reached Temporary Agreement To Keep Content On Streaming Platform – Wrestling Inc.


As WWE has been strengthening its relationship with the USA Network and NBC Universal, agreeing to a deal to bring “WWE SmackDown” back to USA just last week, its “next day streaming rights” deal with Hulu has seemed as rocky as ever. Following the “SmackDown” to USA announcement, Hulu would list WWE content on their platform as expiring on Monday and Tuesday of this week, with the service later confirming their deal with WWE was coming to an end.

At least for the moment, however, it appears there’s been a minor reprieve. A quick look at Hulu shows that WWE content is still available to view on Hulu, with it now being listed as expiring on Monday or Tuesday of next week. While there is no confirmation, it would suggest the two sides have agreed to a short-term extension, though it remains unclear whether there are ongoing negotiations between the sides for Hulu to keep WWE’s “next-day rights.”

Fans with long memories will note that this is an eerily similar scenario to one WWE and Hulu went through one year ago this month. WWE content was set to be pulled from Hulu on September 24, 2022, before the two sides reached a short-term extension to keep WWE on the streaming service through September 29, as they continued to negotiate. The two sides would eventually agree to a deal, which, given the current situation, appears to have been for one year only. Should WWE content be taken off Hulu, it will end a partnership between the two sides that began all the way back in September 2012. Wrestling Inc. has reached out to WWE for comment on the matter, but has yet to receive a response as of this writing.



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