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Ukraine’s ‘army of drones’ are bombarding Putin’s forces, hitting a record 205 pieces of Russian military equipment last week, official says


  • Ukraine’s “army of drones” is bombarding Russia on the battlefield, a Ukrainian official said.
  • In the last week, Ukrainian drones hit a record 205 pieces of Russian military equipment.
  • “Russians keep losing their equipment,” said Ukraine’s minister for digital transformation.

Ukraine’s “army of drones” are pummeling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces on the battlefield, a Ukrainian government official said. 

Between September 18 and Monday, Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles hit a record 205 pieces of Russian military equipment as the war against Russia’s invasion rages on, according to Ukraine’s minister for digital transformation Mykhailo Federov. 

“Our soldiers keep moving forward & Russians keep losing their equipment,” Federov said in a tweet on Monday. 

According to data shared by Federov, Ukraine’s drone fleet destroyed 64 Russian cannons, 27 tanks, 55 trucks, and 38 armored combat vehicles last week alone. 


Ukrainian drones also struck 68 Russian troops, according to that data. 

“Powerful results. More to come,” Federov added. 

As Russia’s 19-month-long invasion of Ukraine grinds on, Kyiv is hoping its counteroffensive will reclaim Russian-occupied territory in the east and south of the Eastern European country. 

Ukraine launched its counteroffensive in June, though progress has been slow.

Federov said that Ukraine is dedicated to building a cutting-edge “army of drones,” according to a report published by the Associated Press on Monday, which noted that Ukraine has already trained more than 10,000 new drone pilots this year.

“A new stage of the war will soon begin,” Federov said, according to the AP. 



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