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Trump kept a ‘hit list’ with pictures of the Republicans who voted to impeach him on his White House desk, Cassidy Hutchinson says in new book


  • Cassidy Hutchinson said she was asked to make a “hit list” of the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.
  • Hutchinson said White House chief of staff Mark Meadows asked her to make a chart with their photos.
  • Trump then kept the chart of the 10 House Republicans on the Resolute Desk.

Cassidy Hutchinson says she was asked to make what she described as “a hit list” for then-President Donald Trump of the 10 House Republicans who dared to impeach him after the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

“After the articles were passed, Mark [Meadows]asked me to make a chart with the headshots of the ten Republican members who voted in favor of impeachment,” Hutchinson wrote in “Enough,” her memoir which was released on Tuesday. 

Hutchinson wrote that Trump then kept the list of the disloyal Republicans close by.

“Mark gave the hit list to the president, who kept it on the Resolute Desk,” she wrote.

Hutchinson, a top aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, ultimately decided to offer bombshell testimony about Meadows’ actions before January 6 to the House committee. She wrote that she and Meadows have not spoken since a brief goodbye just before then-President-elect Joe Biden took office on January 20. A spokesperson for Meadows did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Trump’s ire toward Republicans who felt he bore some responsibility for the riot is well known. In particular, he made it his mission to drive out the 10 House Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach him and the 7 Republican senators who later supported his conviction. Of the 10, only two of them, GOP Reps. David Valadao and Dan Newhouse remain, the rest either retired or lost to a Trump-packed primary challenger. 

Trump’s revenge tour has been more complicated in the Senate, where terms are six years long and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has a much more fraught relationship with the former president. Of the 7, Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania had announced long before the impeachment trial that they would retire. Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska later left politics entirely, opting to become president of the University of Florida. 

The two votes were historic, never before in history had so many members of a president’s own party voted to either impeach them or convict them of impeachment charges.  

Trump did declare victory after Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, another of the 7, recently announced that he would not seek reelection next year. Romney has stressed that he was not worried about a primary challenger. Rather, he said in a public statement, that his retirement was about a call for a new generation of leadership.

A spokesperson for Trump did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.



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