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Skywalk Tequila 6: EN-B sports-intermediate – Cross Country magazine

Skywalk have released the Tequila 6, their new EN-B sports intermediate paraglider. It has an aspect ratio of 5.22 and is aimed at post-training pilots for starting out in XC. 
Skywalk say the Tequila 6 has good performance and easy handling, which is “sportier” than its predecessor. It is made from robust materials with user-friendly risers for an easy set-up on launch.
The top surface is Myungjin MJ40 MF, with the lighter Myungjin MJ32 MF cloth making up the under-surface; the wing weighs from 4.6kg to 5.8kg across the range of six sizes.
Skywalk’s new size-naming system uses the upper certified weight limit in kilograms, instead of S, M, L etc. The smallest Tequila 6 is the 75 (which is 21.5m² flat surface area, certified for 55-75kg) and the largest is the 135 (30.7m² flat for 105-135kg all up).
Skywalk Tequila 6 specs
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