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SEAN HANNITY: We shouldn’t give Democrats a sideshow to distract from their failures


FOX News host Sean Hannity calls on Republicans to stop going after each other and instead focus on the “failures” of the Biden administration on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Let’s go back to Capitol Hill where Kevin McCarthy is no longer the speaker of the House. Now, personally, I didn’t think this was necessary. Well, I think Chip Roy, Byron Donalds, Scott Perry, all Freedom Caucus conservatives, they gave us… Would have given us the same outcome in terms of regular order appropriations bills… and, by the way, cut government spending, secure the border, and literally stand up for the principles that Republicans need to stand up for. It all would have been done. But, you know, it is what it is at this point. What’s done is now done. And sadly, now Republicans, they better move quickly. They’ve got to act swiftly. They’ve got to prove to you, the American people, that they can govern and keep their promises. To me, they’ve been doing a pretty good job. Maybe not fast enough for many of us, but that’s the way that awful town works. Sadly, the sewer, the swamp. 


Now, eight Republican lawmakers joined all 208 House Democrats to oust the speaker last night after a motion to vacate was put forward by Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. 210 out of 218 Republicans voted to keep McCarthy. But with such a slim majority, it was simply not enough for Kevin McCarthy. And by the way, he didn’t have to have that vote yesterday, he said. All right, that’s the vote you want to have? I’m not going to make a deal with the Democrats. Let’s have the vote. I’ll win or lose. And you know what? I thought that took some courage and guts on his part. The eight Republicans who turned on McCarthy had a variety of complaints, but some are legitimate, some not worthy of the action they took. Lack of action on appropriations bills. Well, I think that Byron Donalds and Chip Roy and those guys came up with a pretty good answer in 30 days that would have been done and handled. 

Also, you know, bipartisan continuing resolutions. They do have to stop. We do have to return to order. We do need to pass all 12 appropriations bills. It was also and I know this for a fact, sadly, it was also personal. You know what? It’s business. It shouldn’t be personal. But now there will be a new speaker. We know that both House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, they now both are officially in. They are running to be speaker. Let me tell you where I am tonight. Make no mistake, I like Steve Scalise. I think he’s a great leader. I think he’s a really good guy. He’s a patriot. But I personally am worried for him for one very, very real reason. It’s not going to be easy to run for speaker. He happens to be going through cancer treatment right now. And I want his health to be put first. I really mean that when I say that. I don’t think he should be changing his position at this time. 


With that in mind, again, no personal anything involved in this. My choice for chairman, my choice for speaker, the best option I think we have is Jim Jordan, the Ohio congressman. Now, I do believe he could and should garner the full support of the GOP conference and can best articulate, that’s for sure. He’s the best guy at labeling lists of what Democrats do wrong and what Republicans do right of anybody in Washington. And I think he can articulate that agenda to the country. 


It is time for the GOP to be unrelenting against Democrats and radical socialists instead of each other for a change. Biden is the worst president in American history. Let’s not give Democrats and the mob and the media a sideshow to distract them from their failures. Their policies are hurting each and every American in this country. It’s time to get America back on track. Yeah, to use the phrase bring this country back to greatness again. We need that desperately. 

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