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Santos Escobar Details His Relationship With WWE Hall Of Famer Rey Mysterio – Wrestling Inc.


Santos Escobar has recently discussed his relationship with Rey Mysterio and how the legendary star has helped him lately.

Escobar, while speaking on WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast, spoke about his friendship with Mysterio, emphasizing Mysterio’s humility and the influence he has had on him as a person.

“He has changed me in a lot of ways, and I’m sure I’ve changed him too, because we’ve traveled long hours, drives from city to city, and that creates a bond,” said the “WWE SmackDown” star. “He has made me more humble. He is the most humble, powerful man alive. He gets out of the car to sign autographs, stuff that I’ve always known but I may or may not have forgotten, and he has reminded me of that. Being with him on the road has helped me a great deal in remembering who I am and how I need to be in order to keep inspiring people.”

Escobar also boldly asserted that while Mysterio may be the greatest luchador of all time, he considers himself to be the best currently.

“He is the greatest luchador of all time,” stated Escobar. “I won’t struggle in saying that. I’m the best luchador alive today. Let’s be clear about something — I’m the best luchador alive today, but he’s the best luchador of all time, and that includes today and yesterday.”

Corey Graves asked Escobar whether he thinks that he’s better than Mysterio, considering the Hall of Famer is still active today, to which Escobar said they will find out in their United States title match.

“That’s something we could find out. And since he accepted my challenge, we will find out. We already had a match that didn’t end up the way I wanted it to end,” said Escobar. 

In the aforementioned match, Mysterio suffered an injury when the two faced off earlier this year, but they will do battle soon, with Mysterio defending his US title.



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