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Richest Billionaires in Sports Industry (September 05, 2023) – CEOWORLD magazine

As of September 05, 2023, Jerry Jones has a net worth of US$13.6 billion, making him the wealthiest person in the sports industry. Stanley Kroenke follows in second place with $12.9 billion, while Robert Kraft ranks third with $10.6 billion, and Arthur Blank comes in fourth with $7.9 billion.
The fifth and sixth spots on the list are occupied by Stephen Bisciotti, whose net worth is $6.3 billion, and Denise York, whose net worth is $5.1 billion. Janice McNair is placed 7th with a net worth of $5.0 billion. Dan Snyder ($4.9 billion) occupied the 8th position among the wealthiest people in the sports industry, followed by Arturo Moreno (No. 9) with $4.8 billion and Gayle Benson (No. 10, $4.7 billion).
Richest Billionaires in Sports Industry, 2023
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