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Inquiry: No evidence of gambling at Cincinnati


CINCINNATI — An investigation into Cincinnati baseball related to interactions with a gambler found two secondary NCAA violations involving former staffers and a former player, but no other evidence of members of the program having bet on college baseball, the university said Wednesday.

In a statement, Cincinnati said the investigation that began in May was recently completed and the findings were submitted to the NCAA and accepted. Both minor violations were related to sports wagering but were not related to college baseball.

Assistant coach Kyle Sprague and director of operations Andy Nagel were relieved of their duties by Cincinnati on May 17.

The two were found to have been in contact with an Indiana man who also was at the center of a sports betting scandal that led to Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon being fired.

Bert Neff of Mooresville, Indiana, placed suspicious bets on an Alabama-LSU baseball game at a sportsbook in Cincinnati that led multiple states to bar betting on Crimson Tide games.

Neff’s son, Andrew, began last season as a member of the Cincinnati baseball team, but did not play in a game.



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